NCR 7402 RealPOS Terminal

DataMax System Solutions offers the NCR 7402 RealPOS Terminal for handling your bussines transactions. Get a quotes on new and refurbished POS equipment.

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NCR POS TERMINAL SYSTEMS NCR 7402 RealPOS Terminal With its flexible configuration options, the NCR 7402 RealPos can provide a custom solution to any business. Using advance technology, including Intel chip processing and upgradeability, the NCR 7402 RealPos can offer a diversity of integrated customer display options while interacting with a variety of peripherals include wireless and fingerprint recognition devices. The NCR 7402 RealPos can also be used for other purposes other than to act as a POS terminal. With stereo speakers and multimedia capabilities, it can also serve as a kiosk or even a training device. Datamax is currently offering special pricing on all NCR 7402 POS systems in stock. For more product information and availability on new and refurbished NCR 7402 RealPos, please contact us. Product Features: 15″ Capacitive Touch Terminal Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz Processor 512MB RAM 80GB HDD Shown with MSR Color: Charcoal Gray NCR 7402 Mode Numbers: NCR 7402-1010 NCR 7402-1020 NCR POS Terminal Systems NCR 2170 POS Terminal NCR 7445 POS Workstation NCR 7402 POS Terminal NCR 7448 POS Workstation NCR 7452 POS Terminal NCR 7454 POS Terminal NCR RealPOS 7455 Terminal NCR RealPOS 7456 Terminal NCR RealPOS 7460 Terminal NCR Dynakey Display Terminals




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