NCR 7452 POS Terminal

DataMax System Solutions offers NCR POS terminals and cash registers for retail stores, gas stations and the hospitality industries.

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NCR POS TERMINAL SYSTEMS NCR 7452 POS Terminal Whether you are in the Americas, Europe, or Asia, with the NCR 7452, you can have the power of the Web in your store. Use the NCR 7452 to check inventory levels, run loyalty programs, offer delivery applications, and provide Web-based training to your associates. The traditional scan-and-bag process is not enough anymore to meet the needs of increasingly demanding and savvy consumers. To build loyalty and improve customer satisfaction, retailers need to actively transform their point-of-sale wrap stands to full point-of-service locations. The NCR 7452 is uniquely positioned to meet this challenge. Multimedia capabilities support Internet-enabled applications that deliver promotional messages and one-to-one marketing. NCR Web Consumer Information Display (CID) is designed to inform customers about loyalty programs and to showcase advertising and product promotions at the checkout area. In addition, a variety of thermal printer options can be used to communicate target offers while moving customers quickly through checkout lanes. NCR POS Terminal Systems NCR 7402 POS Terminal NCR 2170 POS Terminal NCR 7445 POS Workstation NCR 7448 POS Workstation NCR 7452 POS Terminal NCR 7454 POS Terminal NCR RealPOS 7455 Terminal NCR RealPOS 7456 Terminal NCR RealPOS 7460 Terminal NCR Dynakey Display Terminals




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