NCR 7402-1020 RealPOS Terminal

DataMax System Solutions currently offers the NCR 7402-1020 RealPOS Terminal as a solution for handling customer transactions for businesses.

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NCR POS TERMINAL SYSTEMS NCR 7402-1020 RealPOS Terminal The NCR 7402-1020 model is a multifunction, touch screen pos terminal, from the RealPos 7402 product line from NCR. The 7402-1020 has all the features and flexibility that makes the NCR 7402 one of the most popular pos terminal system that businesses have grown to relay on. However, differences with this model include having one of the largest color touch screens of its class. A feature, that creates a more user friendly interface with customers. Other features that are associated with this model include the following: 15 inch Capacitive Touch Screen 2.0 GHz Celeron Processor 256MB RAM 40GB Hard Drive Color: Charcoal Gray For more product information and availability on the NCR 7402 RealPos, including price quotes for new and refurbished NCR 7402-1020 systems, please contact us today. NCR 7402 Mode Numbers: NCR 7402-1010 NCR 7402-1020 Other NCR POS Terminal Systems NCR 2170 POS Terminal NCR 7445 POS Workstation NCR 7402 POS Terminal NCR 7448 POS Workstation NCR 7452 POS Terminal NCR 7454 POS Terminal NCR RealPOS 7455 Terminal NCR RealPOS 7456 Terminal NCR RealPOS 7460 Terminal NCR Dynakey Display Terminals




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