IBM 4800-741 SurePOS Terminal

DataMax System Solutions offers IBM POS terminals and cash registers for retail stores, gas stations and the hospitality industries.

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IBM POS TERMINAL SYSTEMS IBM SurePOS 4800-741 Terminal System The new IBM SurePOS 700 Series is a next-generation point-of-sale (POS) system for retailers and grocers. It allows them to take advantage of the latest technology to improve the customer experience while streamlining operations and leveraging existing investments. Available in a range of flexible, rugged systems that can be customized for any environment, these solutions deliver the advanced performance and reliability retailers have come to expect from IBM. SurePOS 4800-741 Features & Benefits Optional UPS prevents data loss in event of a power outage. Available in light gray (storm) or dark gray (iron) and in narrow or wide sizes. Convenient front-access ports including Universal Serial Bus (USB) and Powered USB attachment for peripherals. Eliminates wasted power consumption with the help of Advanced Power Management and Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI). Enhanced customer experience and faster employee training with help of optional CD ROM drive and audio ports, including convenient front-access headphone port. Fast seek-and-write times delivered via Direct Memory Access hard drives for improved application performance. Faster checkout times with the help of fast-printing IBM SureMark printers Full graphical user interface (GUI) and touch screen application support with optional IBM SurePoint Solution. IBM SurePorts technology allows you to select the exact connection options you need at the time of purchase, helping to eliminate upgrade challenges. Reduces upgrade time and costs with the help of hot-swappable technology and plug-and-play setups, in addition to Wired for Management (WfM) compliance and Wake on Local Area Network (LAN). Retail hardened to help provide long-term value. Supports intranet and Internet applications with extensive speed and bandwidth Supports most major operating systems – including IBM 4690, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and IBM PC DOS 2000 – and a broad spectrum of third-party applications. SurePOS 700-7×1/7×2 (72x/74x/78x) Systems, Installation and Operation Guide The SurePOS 700 series includes other model #s such as 4800-242, 4800-C41, 4800-741. For more product information and availability, please contact us. IBM POS Terminals IBM 4614 SureOne Terminal IBM 4690 / 4693 Terminals IBM SurePOS 4694-245 IBM SurePOS 4694-246 IBM SureOne Point-of-Sale IBM SurePOS 300 IBM SurePOS 500 IBM SurePOS 600 IBM SurePOS 700




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