IBM 4694-244 SurePOS Terminal

DataMax System Solutions offers IBM POS terminals and cash registers for retail stores, gas stations and the hospitality industries.

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IBM POS TERMINAL SYSTEMS IBM SurePOS 4694-244 Terminal System The IBM SurePOST 4694-244 Point-of-Sale (POS) Terminal System offers proven performance that retailers need to keep their stores running smoothly. It offers a wide array of integrated and distributed expansion options with peripheral and configuration flexibility. Impressive investment protection Flexible options for virtually any store Innovative technology plus retail-hardened construction Cost-effective systems management The 4694 series includes other model #s such as 4694-144, 4694-205, 4694-244, 4694-206, 4694-246, 4694-207, 4694-247, 4694-347 For more product information and availability, please contact us. IBM POS Terminals IBM 4614 SureOne Terminal IBM 4690 / 4693 Terminals IBM SurePOS 4694-244 IBM SurePOS 4694-245 IBM SurePOS 4694-246 IBM SureOne Point-of-Sale IBM SurePOS 300 IBM SurePOS 500 IBM SurePOS 600 IBM SurePOS 700 IBM SurePOS 4800-741 IBM SurePOS 4800-C41 IBM SurePOS 4800-742 IBM SurePOS 4800-242




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