Verifone Everest Plus Pin Pad

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VERIFONE POS PRODUCTS Verifone Everest Plus Pin Pad Powerful payment capabilities, practical features and functionality, and proven reliability and security. VeriFone EverestPlus is a powerful payment device with a long history of meeting retailers’ needs. Designed to function as a customer-activated PINpad, the EverestPlus supports a broad range of payment capabilities – efficiently and cost-effectively. Exceptional functionality and reliability The EverestPlus terminal makes quick work of debit, credit, and EBT payments, in addition to check authorizations, loyalty, and gift card transactions. A logically positioned, triple-track card reader accurately reads any magnetic stripe card – including driver’s licenses The EverestPlus terminal’s user-friendly design helps people move swiftly through lines. Customers are prompted to swipe their cards, enter their PINs, and verify transaction amounts. The display can be read in any light, and keys are clearly labeled to minimize errors by clerks or customers. What’s more, it is compatible with the Omni 32xx, 33xx, and 37xx terminal families. In addition, the EverestPlus terminal’s proven reliability is underscored by an exceptional three-year warranty, so you can count on it to perform for years to come. Superior security The EverestPlus is certified to meet the latest security standards for PIN entry devices (PED). Advanced Triple DES (3DES) encryption and sophisticated key-management methods such as Master Key/Session Key and Derived Unique Key Per Transaction (DUKPT) further protect critical financial data. In addition, VeriFone’s VeriShield security architecture adds file authentication capabilities to prevent the execution of unauthorized software on the terminal. VeriShield also incorporates tamper-resistant and tamper-evident features that provide physical security against attempted fraud at the point of sale. The right connections The EverestPlus can be easily connected with your new and existing point-of-sale (POS) devices, or run in a stand-beside LAN environment. You can easily attach and power additional peripherals as needed. Plus, a handy multiport cable consolidates the terminal’s cables while reducing countertop clutter. Benefits at at Glance Cost-effective and easy to use, with proven track record. Full range of payment capabilities. PED-certified, plus 3DES encryption. Industry-leading 3-year warranty. Features and Benefits Customer activation promotes debit use. Integrates easily with most retail POS systems using multiple cabling configurations, or operates in a stand-beside LAN environment. Features an intuitive interface with large, clearly labeled keys to speed customer throughput. Supports Visa PIN entry device (PED) specifications and the latest 3DES encryption standards, including Master/Session and DUKPT. Incorporates VeriFone’s VeriShield architecture for additional protections, including file authentication and tamper resistance. Utilizes durable, soil-resistant, long-lasting keys with tactile enhancements for visually challenged customers. Simplifies application creation and updating through industrystandard C language and off-the-shelf programming tools. Simplifies application creation and updating through industrystandard C language and off-the-shelf programming tools. Relies on flash memory and battery-backed RAM to handle remote downloads of application and operating system software. Derives power from ECR or POS payment terminal and has the ability to power peripherals. Includes an industry-leading three-year warranty. Verifone Payment Terminals Verifone MX870 Verifone PINpad 1000se Verifone Omni 7000 Verifone Omni 3200 ?




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