IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) and Recycling – Importance in 2022

Sustainability is a goal companies continuously work to achieve. It’s done through energy management and moving their data from their server farms to the cloud. They also examine ways to repurpose their equipment to extend their lives, which is through the practice of IT recycling.


The Concept Behind Server Disposition

The industry term for this is IT Asset Disposition (ITAD). A more common name for this form of server recycling is eCycle. Whatever its name, the idea is to repair, repurpose, or dispose of unwanted IT equipment through environmentally safe and responsible methods.


Why You Should Consider This Server Disposition

IT components contain materials that could become toxic. These are in the form of molded plastic, heavy metals, and circuit boards. Generally, these items can erode as time passes. If IT equipment goes to a landfill, the toxic chemicals could seep into the ground table and affect a community’s water supply.


Another reason to repurpose your items is part supply. Shortages and interrupted supply lines have caused issues with semiconductors, which help run all IT equipment. Recycling your electronics maintains your inventory to replace broken items.


How to Implement ITAD for Your Organization

IT recycling can be difficult to achieve within your organization. It requires specialized training to remove and dispose of toxic components properly. In the end, internalizing this practice may not be worth your return on investment.


It’s better to utilize a third-party company to take your e-waste. These organizations take your desktops, laptops, servers, printers, and mobile devices. Once received at their disposition location, the items are cataloged and examined to determine if they can be repurposed or need to be disposed.


If the former, the eCycling firm deconstructs the device and removes the toxic components. They record every process to disassemble the equipment. When done, you receive a certified document that describes everything done to safely take apart and dispose of your old equipment.


The process is different if you want to repurpose your IT materials. The eCycle organization removes and safely gets rid of non-working items. They replace those with repurposed or new equipment and clean everything. They also test its operations to see if there are further problems. If everything works out, they send the equipment back to your company.


There are situations where you want your old items repurposed but don’t want them back. In this situation, computers, printers, and mobile devices are sent to churches, shelters, and other charitable organizations. As a result, you give others a chance to get on the internet to find a job or communicate with others. Not only is this an enormous return on investment but also a way to promote your sustainability goals.


Are you interested in IT asset disposition to maintain your inventory and increase sustainability? If so, reach out to one of the representatives at Datamaxsystem Solutions. They will review your needs and develop a solution that fits your budget.