Symbol PDT 6840 Portable Data Collection Device

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MOTOROLA / SYMBOL POS DATA COLLECTION DEVICES Symbol PDT 6840 Portable Data Terminal System Portable and Rugged Terminals for Scan-Intensive Applications The PDT 6840 Series are rugged, lightweight portable data terminals combining mobile computing and optional wireless communications with comfortable, well-balanced “forward-scanning” ergonomics. Designed for harsh environments, the PDT 6800 is excellent for industrial markets such as transportation and distribution, yet small enough for scan-intensive applications in retail, such as inventory management and replenishment, price management and receiving. Building on the legacy of Symbol’s popular Laser Data and Laser Radio Terminals, this single-handed productivity tool offers a spacious 46-key alphanumeric keypad, internally mounted radio antenna, and your choice of standard, long-range or high-visibility scanning options. Communications options include both Spectrum24? Direct Sequence and Frequency Hopping wireless LAN connectivity for real-time high-performance data transfer. Or, choose batch communications with an extended memory option for on-site processing and quick uploading/downloading to your PC. Additionally, the PDT 6840 was specifically designed to make full use of existing LRT/LDT cradles and peripherals, providing a total system solution without the added cost of changing the accessories. Flexible Computing Where You Need It The PDT 6840 incorporates a convenient and powerful DOS-based industry standard architecture that allows for efficient programming and development of demanding interactive, information-intensive applications. Whether your application calls for inventory counts, shelf price audits, receiving, stock transfers, markdowns or purchasing, the large 16-line backlit display provides greater data content and readability. Easily connect a portable printer and you can generate new bar codes for price markdowns or shelf label changes-right on the sales floor! This tough terminal also has a ruggedized housing to withstand multiple 4 ft./1.2 m drops to concrete-across its entire operating temperature range-and is environmentally sealed against severe weather conditions, including dust and rain. Add in Spectrum24 wireless LAN connectivity with a high-visibility scanner and you have a durable decision support tool for real-time data management that reads bar codes accurately in full sunlight outdoors or in high-intensity, artificial light indoors. The terminal includes a large-capacity battery, making the PDT 6800 Series ideal for increased productivity in warehouses, distribution centers and trucking operations. The PDT 6840 is also known as the PDT6840 and the PDT-6840. For more product information and availability, please contact us. 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