Motorola Symbol LS4278 Wireless BarCode Scanner

The Symbol LS4278 barcode scanner is a versatile Point of Sales device that can be used in many different environments: retail, hospital, and light industrial

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MOTOROLA / SYMBOL LS4278 BlueTooth Wireless Scanner Corded devices are limited in their capabilities and force business to become stationary in a dynamic marketplace. That is why Motorola created the Symbol LS4278, a cordless barcode scanner with a 50 ft radius range. This gives business the ability to have their employees go directly where they are needed to get their job done. As a result, productivity is improved, revenues are protected and potential liability due to injury from lifting heavy objects is reduced. One of the biggest concerns when it comes to wireless devices is of course security and reliability. With an integrated Bluetooth wireless personal area networking (WPAN), you can be assured that all of your wireless transmissions between the Symbol LS4278 and its host will be secured. So whether you are working with medical information or inventory, you will be able to can scan with confidence Being wireless is not the only benefit that the Symbol LS4278 has to offer. In addition to its mobility, it has the ability to scan barcodes at almost any angle without users having exact aim and positioning due to its multi-line rastering scan pattern. The LS4278 can also scan almost any barcode correctly the first time regardless of its size and print quality. Furthermore, its motion tolerance eliminates the need for users to pause between scans. Product Features: Bluetooth Class 2 v1.2 Multi-line rastering scan pattern Withstands 5 ft./1.5 m drops to concrete Remote scanner management (RSM) ready Long life Industrial Charging Contacts Multi point-to-point For more product information and availability, please contact us. Product Download Material Symbol LS4278 Reference Guide Symbol POS Barcode and Wearable Scanners Symbol CSM 150 Handheld Bar Code Scanner Symbol CS 1504 Consumer Memory Scanner Symbol CS 2000 Consumer Memory Scanner Symbol Cobra LS 1900 Scanner Series Symbol HotShot LS 2100 Scanner Series Symbol M2004 Handheld Bar Code Scanner Symbol M2005 Handheld Bar Code Scanner Symbol 7870 Bi-Optic Scanner and Scale Symbol 7875 Bi-Optic AR Scanner and Scale Symbol LDT-3805 Handheld Barcode Scanner Symbol LS-2000MX Handheld Barcode Scanner Symbol LS-3200 Handheld Laser Scanner Symbol LS-4004i POS Barcode Scanner Symbol LS-4004 POS Barcode Scanner Symbol LS-4005 POS Barcode Scanner Symbol LS-4005i POS Barcode Scanner Symbol LS-4006 POS Barcode Scanner Symbol LS-4006i POS Barcode Scanner Symbol LS-4007 POS Barcode Scanner Symbol LS-4007i POS Barcode Scanner Symbol LS-4008 POS Barcode Scanner Symbol LS-4008i POS Barcode Scanner Symbol LS 5700 and LS 5800 In-Counter & On-Counter Mini-Slot Scanner Symbol LS-6005 Omni-Directional Scanner Symbol LS 6804/LS 6804VHD High-Speed Fixed-Mount Scanner Symbol LS 9100 Omni-Directional Scanner Symbol LS 9208 Hands-Free Omni-Directional Scanner Symbol LRT-3800 Handheld Barcode Scanner Symbol LRT-3840 Handheld Barcode Scanner Symbol Magellan SL 360-Degree POS Scanner & Scale Symbol MK1000 MicroKiosk Scanner Symbol M2000 Cyclone Scanner Series Symbol KS 3000 Heated Scanner Series Symbol Phaser P360 and P460 Memory Scanners Symbol PDT-3100 Handheld Bar Code Scanner Symbol PDT 3110 Handheld Bar Code Scanner Symbol PDT 3140 Handheld Bar Code Scanner Symbol PDT 3146 Handheld Bar Code Scanner Symbol SRS-1 Ring Scanner These models are also available: Symbol 21-32665-02 Symbol 21-32665-04 Symbol 21-32665-08 Symbol 21-32665-09 Symbol 21-32665-24 Symbol 21-32665-40 Symbol LS-1000 Symbol LS-1004 Symbol LS-1006 Symbol LS-1220 Symbol LS-1900 Symbol LS-1902 Symbol LS-1902C-1000 Symbol LS-1902T-1000 Symbol LS 1982 Symbol LS-2010 Symbol LS-2020 Symbol LS-2030 Symbol LS-2050 Symbol LS-2080 Symbol LS-2100 Symbol LS-2104 Symbol LS-2106 Symbol LS-2208 Symbol LS-3000 Symbol LS-3603 Symbol LS-4904 Symbol ML-2499 Symbol SPT-1840 Symbol Titan 1200LR Scanner Symbol VRC-6940-20V651US Symbol VS-4004 Symbol WSS-1010 ? ? ?




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