Symbol HotShot LS 2100 Data Collection Scanner Series

DataMax System Solutions offers Symbol Technologies point of sale bar code scanners and data collection devices including handheld, flatbed, bi-optic, bi-modal, omni directional, and price verifier models.

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SYMBOL HANDHELD DATA COLLECTION DEVICES Symbol HotShot LS 2100 Scanner Series At the high end of the Symbol “Smart Line” of ergonomically designed hand-held scanners, the HotShot LS 2100 Series Scanners are the best-value hand-held scanners in their class. HotShot’s scanning, host connectivity, and software feature set are ideal for a wide range of specialty hand-held laser scanning applications, such as video rental establishments, music/CD stores, sporting goods, office automation functions, or as an attachment to a portable terminal for inventory and/or mobile applications. For more product information and availability, please contact us. Symbol POS Data Collection Devices Symbol 7870 Bi-Optic Scanner and Scale Motorola / Symbol 7875 Bi-Optic AR Scanner and Scale Motorola / Symbol LDT-3805 Handheld Barcode Scanner Motorola / Symbol LS-2000MX Handheld Barcode Scanner Motorola / Symbol LS-3200 Handheld Laser Scanner Motorola / Symbol LS-4004i POS Barcode Scanner Motorola / Symbol LS-4004 POS Barcode Scanner Motorola / Symbol LS-4005 POS Barcode Scanner Motorola / Symbol LS 5700 and LS 5800 In-Counter & On-Counter Mini-Slot Scanner Motorola / Symbol LS-6005 Omni-Directional Scanner Symbol LS 6804/LS 6804VHD High-Speed Fixed-Mount Scanner Motorola / Symbol LS 9100 Omni-Directional Scanner Motorola / Symbol LRT-3800 Handheld Barcode Scanner Motorola / Symbol LRT-3840 Handheld Barcode Scanner Motorola / Symbol Magellan SL 360-Degree POS Scanner & Scale Motorola / Symbol MK1000 MicroKiosk Scanner Motorola / Symbol M2000 Cyclone Scanner Series Motorola / Symbol KS 3000 Heated Scanner Series Motorola / Symbol WSS 1040 Wearable Scanning System Motorola / Symbol WSS 1060 Wearable Scanning System These models are also available: PDT 8100 Series: PDT 8137, PDT 8140, PDT 8146 PDT 7200, PDT 7240, PDT 7246, PDT 7540 PPT Series: PPT 2637, PPT 2700, PPT 2740, PPT 2742, PPT 2800, PPT 2833, PPT 2837, PPT 2840, PPT 2846, PPT 1700, PPT 1740, PPT 1742, PPT 1746 MC Series: MC 9000, MC 9050, MC 9060, MC 3000 SPT Series: SPT 1700, SPT 1833, SPT 1846 VRC Series: VRC 6940, VRC 6942, VRC 7942, VRC 8946 WWC Series: WWC 1010, WWC 1049, WWC 1050 M Series: M 2007 P Series: P 300, P 302, P 304 WSS Series: WSS 1050




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