Worker taking payment with POS equipment

Advantages of Buying Refurbished Point-of-Sale (POS) Equipment

Are you considering investing in new POS equipment for your business? While investing in shiny, brand-new POS hardware can be tempting, purchasing a refurbished product could offer significant savings.

Cost Savings

Refurbished POS equipment will always be cheaper than buying new ones. Depending on the product, you could save up to 50% by going with a refurbished version of popular Point-of-Sale systems. This large cost savings can easily justify the purchase of refurbished hardware over brand-new models. Used POS equipment can also be cheaper to maintain than their new counterparts.


Buying refurbished point-of-sale POS equipment helps reduce the amount of electronic waste (e-waste) that goes into landfills each year. By opting for a used or recertified option, you can reduce the amount of e-waste and ensure that your POS equipment is responsibly recycled.

Ease of Use

You can also expect used POS equipment to have a much simpler setup than new models. Many of the components will already be put together by a reputable POS maintenance in Boca Raton dealer, making it easier to install and use the system from day one. This is particularly beneficial for small businesses needing more resources or technical know-how to manage a complex setup process.

Software Upgrades

A reputable refurbisher will often upgrade the software of used POS systems to ensure they’re up-to-date and running smoothly. Many used systems are factory reconditioned, with an extended warranty and all necessary software upgrades.

Reliable Support

When you purchase refurbished point-of-sale POS equipment, you can expect a reliable support system from the original manufacturer. Many manufacturers back their used systems with the same warranty and technical service as they do for their new products. This allows businesses to get help with any issues that may arise.


You may be confident that refurbished POS systems are secure since they have previously been used and tested in the real world. This is crucial if you operate a company that depends on reliable data collection and swift transactions. Besides, POS maintenance in Boca Raton dealers can also help you ensure the system is running properly before committing to a purchase.


Businesses may customize their systems to meet their unique needs thanks to the numerous customization options offered by used POS gear. This may be useful for small businesses that need more funds to purchase several new pieces of gear.


Used POS systems are also flexible, meaning they can be easily adjusted to fit the needs of a changing business. This could mean adding additional hardware or upgrading existing components to keep up with market trends.


Professional POS maintenance in Boca Raton dealer offers used POS systems that are of the highest quality and come with an extended warranty. This can give customers peace of mind knowing that their system is secure and reliable.

Wide Availability

Finally, it’s much easier to find used POS hardware than it is to find new systems. Many retailers specialize in selling used and reconditioned systems, meaning businesses can find exactly what they’re looking for at a fraction of the cost.

Contact Datamax System Solutions to learn about refurbished POS equipment and our POS maintenance services. We can help you find the ideal system for your business needs at an unbeatable price.