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MOTOROLA/SYMBOL TECHNOLOGIES Motorola/Symbol Docking Cradles for Data Collection Devices Motorola/Symbol offers a complete line of cradles for the SPT 15XX and SPT 17XX/18XX Series of pocketable computers. These cradles meet the application needs of the single consumer as well as those of users in large enterprise-wide installations, and includes: Single-Slot Serial Cradle Single-Slot Modem Cradle Four-Slot Serial Cradle Four-Slot Ethernet Cradle Software available from Symbol or third-party software developers facilitates the transfer of data from the terminal to a host. This software supports the entire line of cradles offered by Symbol for the SPT product line. SPT 15XX cradles are compatible with the PalmIII T and the IBM Workpad. An optional kit enables up to four SPT 15XX four-slot cradles to be stacked. In addition to providing communications, the SPT 17XX/18XX cradles recharge the battery in each terminal. For more product information and availability, please request a quote or more info on Symbol cradles here. >Cradles for Symbol mobile computers, data collection devices, & scanners Motorola / Symbol CRD3100-1000 One Slot Cradle Motorola / Symbol CRD3100-4000 Four Slot Cradle Motorola / Symbol CRD3860-1000 One Slot Cradle Motorola / Symbol CRD3860-4000 Four Slot Cradle Motorola / Symbol UBC2000 Four Slot Cradle These models are also available: CRD 1700, CRD 2200, CRD 3100-1U00, CRD 4100-1010, CRD 8100




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