Refurbished en-Touch 1000 Pin Pad Card Reader

Find refurbished Ingenico eN-touch 1000 check readers in large lots. We specialize in supplying Ingenico POS to major retail chains.

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Ingenico eN Touch 1000 Pin Pad Card Reader Refurbished enTouch 1000 Pin Pad card readers for use in bank branches, retail chains, and other merchant contexts. If you are a large retailer or bank looking for significant quantites of Ingenico POS card readers, we can help you source reconditioned Ingenico equipment at a very competitive price. We refurbish en-Touch 1000 card readers and then wholesale them to chain retailers, acting along the way as both a vendor and a systems consultant, putting together package offers that meet your technical and pricing needs. The Ingenico eN-Touch 1000 is the most rugged, versatile, simple to use pin pad reader / terminal on the market. The en-Touch1000 offers a foundation from which you can provide payments and value-added services to your customers. Ingenico’s popular, tried-and-true card readers enable you to deliver targeted programs to individual consumers, resulting in more efficient marketing that drives incremental sales. Multi-lane transaction acceptance workhorse w/ 512KB flash memory, 2 track MSR & Stylus pen . A large, backlit LCD display provider’s user’s brightness and clarity. . The durable glass screen extends display life, reducing your cost of ownership while keeping the unit presentable to your customers. . Features both electrostatic and capacitive technology- a consumer can use their finger or the inkless electronic pen. . Its integrated magnetic stripe reader and signature capture provide a single point of contact. . Supports all logical and physical security requirements for credit, debit, and smart card transactions. . Provides the most sophisticated security features available today. Dimensions: 8.5″ L x 7.5″ W x 2.75″ H For information on availability and pricing of Ingenico and other products, please request a quote or more info on Ingenico enTouch Pin Pad card readers here. Checkmate Terminal / Checkreader Devices Ingenico eN-Check 2500 Check Reader Ingenico eN-Touch 1000 Checkmate CM2001 Checkmate CMR 430 / eN-Check 430-431 Ingenico i6780 Color Touch Screen Payment Terminal Ingenico i7910 Portable Payment Terminal ?




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