Maxterm 8300 XPE Maxspeed Thin Clients with Embedded Windows XP

Looking for MaxSpeed or MaxTerm hardware? MaxSpeed thin clients are a powerful and cost-effective alternative to PC’s.

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MAXTERM 8300 Thin Client by NEOWARE Maxspeed/Maxterm 8300 with Embedded Windows XP Datamax has recently sourced a significant quantity of MaxTerm 8300 and MaxTerm 3300 Linux-based thin client terminals due to client demand along with the establishment of new supply channels. Thanks to the amount of inventory available now, our pricing is particularly competitive circa Spring 2006. Please call or contact us here by form for more information. “The Power of Windows XP Combined With Thin Client Simplicity & Security” The highly advanced and reliable MaxTerm 8300 lets you have it all; the high-end functionality of a Windows XP environment, combined with the value, security, significant cost savings and manageability of a thin client terminal. Features The “Single Terminal” Solution The MaxTerm 8300 solves the most vexing end-user hardware issues by providing a “single terminal solution”, giving you the tool to consolidate your hardware environment enterprise-wide. A full-suite of terminal emulations provide seamless access to many legacy or proprietary environments; mainframe or mini. It can function in a legacy Green Screen terminal application environment, all the way up to the latest Java Swing or Microsoft.Net environment. Add value to your infrastructure by streamlining IT management tasks, and providing a consistent user interface and training tool. It can do it all! Specifications Hardware Highlights – Powerful and fast 800MHz Processor – Memory: 128 MB SDRAM standard – Up to 512 MB – Flash Memory: 128 MB or 256 MB – Complete MultiMedia (video & audio streaming) and broad peripheral support – Graphics: 64 bit 2D/3D graphic engine and Video Accelerator – 1 Serial Port, 1 Parallel Port, 2 USB Ports – 1 PCI slot for Wireless/Modem or other peripherals – Built-in 10/100 Base-T Ethernet interface – USB Expandability: Floppy, Security, Wireless Modem – Optional internal wireless 802.11b interface Software Highlights – Feature rich and flexible Windows XP Embedded software – Internet Explorer 6.0 – Browser plug-ins; Nfuse, PDF viewer, Macromedia Flash, Java Virtual Machine, Windows Media Player – Citrix ICA and Microsoft RDP protocols – Complete line of Terminal Emulations, including IBM 5250 & 3270 – Touch Screen Support – Over 9,000 peripheral devices supported – Optional USB Security Control Network – Versatility to function in 10/100 Base-T Ethernet, 802.11b Wireless and Token Ring System – 800 MHz Processor – Memory: 128 MB SDRAM, Up to 512 MB – Flash Memory: 128 MB or 256 MB – Graphics: 64 bit 2D/3D graphic engine and video accelerator – Video: 1280×1024 16 bit color or 1024×768 32 bit color – 3D sound system complies with PC98 audio specifications/Audio-out and Mic-in. – Built-in 10/100 Base-T Ethernet interface Product specs, downloads, and manuals from manufacturer’s website Neoware’s official FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about MaxSpeed / MaxTerm Thin Clients MaxTerm 3300 Linux-based thin client terminals MaxTerm x400 thin clients, including MaxTerm 3400, MaxTerm 5400 and MaxTerm 8400 MaxTerm x500 thin clients, including the MaxTerm 3500, MaxTerm 5500, and MaxTerm 8500 MaxBook 820 (mobile)




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