NCR 7158 POS Receipt Printer

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NCR 7158 RECEIPT PRINTERS NCR RealPOS 7158 Thermal Receipt Printer The NCR 7158 Thermal Receipt Printer is a thermal receipt printer with impact slip station, designed to deliver fast, quiet printing of receipts and paper forms at your point of service. The NCR 7158 can positively impact your store productivity through its fast thermal-printing capabilities, intelligent design and operator-friendly features. NCR 7158 Features High resolution thermal printing for sharper text and graphics produce an attractive, easy-to-read customer receipt Standard RS-232 (9-pin D-shell) interface located on modular daughterboard for ease of upgrade to future interface technology Multiple PC Code Page support for applications in several countries Seven resident bar code types, including two-dimensional PDF-417 bar codes Cash drawer port supporting up to two cash drawers? For more product information and availability, please contact us. NCR POS Receipt Printers NCR RealPOS 7167 NCR RealPOS 7197 NCR 7156 NCR 7158 ?




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