IBM 4610 Ti2-Ti4-Ti6-Ti8 Sure Mark POS printers

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IBM 4610 PRINTERS IBM IBM 4610-TIx Series (TI1 /TI2 / TI3 / TI4 / TI6 / TI8) SureMark Printers Click links below for more info on specific TIx models: IBM 4610 TI2 IBM 4610 TI4 The IBM SureMark Printers are high-performance, high-function printers. The SureMark is available in several models: Models TI3, TI4, TG3, and TG4 feature a thermal customer receipt station and an impact document insert station. The dual printheads enable quiet, fast printing at the customer receipt station while providing the capability to print and frank checks and to print multipart forms through the document insert station. (Models TI1 and TI2 are older versions of Models TI3 and TI4, respectively. Production of the older models has ceased.) All SureMark printers provide: Fast, quiet receipt printing Easy paper loading 256-KB flash memory for storing messages, logos, code pages, and electronic journal data Model TI8 has 1MB flash memory for scanned image storage Bar code generation Downloadable fonts and code pages Downloadable microcode Small footprint Support for RS-232 (EIA 232) and RS-485 (EIA 485) interfaces Support for Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface For more product information and availability, please contact us. Product Download Material IBM 4610 SureMark Printer Manual IBM POS Receipt Printers IBM Sure Mark POS Printers IBM 4610 Printer Series IBM 4610-TI2 Printer IBM 4610-TI4 Printer




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