NCR 7454 POS Terminal

DataMax System Solutions offers NCR POS terminals and cash registers for retail stores, gas stations and the hospitality industries.

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NCR BAR CODE SCANNERS NCR 7454 POS Terminal Advanced user interface Small footprint Multimedia capability Passive cooling NCR designed the NCR 7454 by studying the way your employees work. The touchscreen user interface is intuitive, alleviating the impact of high turnover and training costs. The touchscreen is designed to be readable from any angle, providing maximum functionality in a minimum size. As a result, your employees can spend more time with your customers. The display, processor, and power supply are fully integrated to maximize valuable counter space. All cable connections are hidden from your customer’s view. NCR POS Terminal Systems NCR 2170 POS Terminal NCR 7445 POS Workstation NCR 7448 POS Workstation NCR 7452 POS Terminal NCR 7454 POS Terminal NCR RealPOS 7455 Terminal NCR RealPOS 7456 Terminal NCR RealPOS 7460 Terminal NCR Dynakey Display Terminals




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