IBM 4810-310 4810-32H

IBM 4810-310 / 4810-32H The IBM 4810 SurePOS 300 Series Model 310 has PC technology with plenty of ports for POS peripherals and a wide range of configuration options. This is the Value model and does not include storage media. 4810-310 is the base model of the SurePOS 300. It includes 128 MB of memory, 10/100 Ethernet, SVGA, 4 PC USB ports, 2 RS232 ports, 2 powered RS232 ports, PC keyboard and mouse ports, and AC97 Audio. Features are available to upgrade the system memory or provide retail peripherals. The IBM 4810 SurePOS 300 Series Model 32H is the thick client model of the SurePOS 300, with a 40 GB Hard Disk Drive. It includes everything listed for the model 320. For more product information and availability on the 4820WN & 4820WB, please contact us.

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