IBM 4800-742 SurePOS Terminal

DataMax System Solutions offers IBM POS terminals and cash registers for retail stores, gas stations and the hospitality industries.

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IBM POS TERMINAL SYSTEMS IBM SurePOS 700 Series 4800-742 Terminal System The IBM 4800 SurePOS 740 Model 742 is the value model of the SurePOS 700. The SurePOS 740 is optimized for the thin client operating environment like that provided by IBM Retail Environment for SUSE LINUX or 4690 OS V4. However, this model can also be configured as a thick client and supports several Operating Systems such as Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Professional, Windows Embedded for Point of Service and PC DOS 2000. The model 742 offers an Intel Celeron 326 processor and 256M DDR II memory standard, with the option of adding up to two internal 40 Gb Hard Drives and one internal CD-ROM drive. Product Features: Celeron D 2.5 GHz processor 256 Megabytes of DDR memory standard Two internal 40GB Hard Drive optional Internal CD-ROM drive optional IBM POS Terminals IBM 4614 SureOne Terminal IBM 4690 / 4693 Terminals IBM SurePOS 4694-244 IBM SurePOS 4694-245 IBM SurePOS 4694-246 IBM SureOne Point-of-Sale IBM SurePOS 300 IBM SurePOS 500 IBM SurePOS 600 IBM SurePOS 700 IBM SurePOS 4800-741 IBM SurePOS 4800-C41 IBM SurePOS 4800-742 IBM SurePOS 4800-242




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