Fujitsu TeamPOS 5000

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FUJITSU TeamPOS 5000 TERMINAL SYSTEM Fujitsu TeamPOS 5000 Terminal Fujitsu’s TeamPOS 5000 terminal is an integral part of Fujitsu’s POS solution. It combines a modular design with top-of-the-line processing power for unparalleled flexibility and performance. For a complete POS solution, the TeamPOS 5000 supports a wide array of peripherals including printers, scanners, displays, keyboards and more. Fujitsu Services understands that when it comes to POS, every retailer has different needs. That’s why the TeamPOS 5000 terminal and peripherals offer an unprecedented level of power and versatility. With the TeamPOS family, you can design a POS solution that will meet your needs today, tomorrow and well into the future. The Power to Perform The TeamPOS 5000’s 300 MHz processor reflects Fujitsu’s ongoing commitment to provide retailers with POS terminals that have the power to perform, so retailers can select the software and operating systems that best achieve their unique objectives. Flexibility by Design With today’s new technologies, such as enhanced printers, new displays and advanced connectivity, managing POS systems is more challenging than ever. That’s why Fujitsu engineered the TeamPOS 5000 with flexibility in mind. In fact, Fujitsu works closely with the industry’s leading peripheral manufacturers to ensure that the TeamPOS 5000 supports not just today’s most demanding peripherals, but tomorrow’s as well. Fujitsu POS Terminals Fujitsu TeamPOS 2000 Fujitsu TeamPOS 3000




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