Verifone Omni 7000 payment terminal

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VERIFONE POS PRODUCTS VeriFone Omni 7000 Family of Solutions Datamax has recently purchased and refurbished significant quantities of the VeriFone Omni 7000 family of payment devices. Our ability to effectively source equipment at lower, large scale cost, combined with our experience in systems integration enables us to meet the needs of demanding retail environments found in large chain stores. Please call or contact here by form for more information about current inventories and pricing. VeriFone’s Omni 7000 family – including Omni 7000LE, Omni 7000MPD and Omni 7100MPD – represents the most comprehensive family of consumer facing payment solutions for the retail industry. Its feature sets range from basic debit and credit acceptance to advanced functions such as signature capture, graphical user interface, contactless reader, and high-speed network connectivity. In addition, all of the products have compatible software applications, consistent styling, and ease of operations. Omni 7000LE A Solid Performer The Omni 7000LE is a powerful consumer-facing device that supports debit, credit, loyalty, EBT, and WIC transactions. It is an intelligent and attractive solution — featuring a level of technology, functionality and durability that is ideal for today’s demanding multi-lane retail environment. Click here for Product and Specification information on the Omni 7000LE. Omni 7000MPD The Modular Advantage This industry-first modular payment device supports debit, credit, signature capture, smart cards, contactless, and USB and Ethernet connectivity. It features a smart landscape design, large ATM-style display and an intuitive card reader. Retailers can add the features they need through the use of pop-on field- replaceable modules. Click here for Product and Specification information on the Omni 7000MPD. Omni 7100MPD Expandable. Reliable. Incredible. VeriFone’s Omni 7100MPD is the first truly modular, 1/4 VGA point-of-sale terminal, with a bold, blue, backlit display and signature capture capability. It features a highly reliable capacitive touch screen and smart card, Ethernet, USB, and contactless hardware expansion modules that let retailers easily upgrade or add capabilities. Click here for Product and Specification information on the Omni 7100MPD. Verifone Payment Terminals Verifone MX870 Verifone PINpad 1000se Verifone Omni 3200 Verifone Everest Plus Pin Pad ?




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