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November 10, 2006, Rochester, NY – Ultimate Technology has announced the addition of technology asset disposal to their extensive portfolio of retail technology life cycle services. Properly disposing of retired technology assets is a critical phase of a product’s life cycle and can significantly impact technology life-cycle costs and therefore total cost of ownership. Technology asset disposition, if not handled properly, can also represent significant expense, data risk and potential civil and criminal liabilities to a corporation, and its individual officers and managers, regardless of who is negligent when something happens.

Dave LaBudde, VP of Marketing & Business Development for Ultimate Technology said, “Many retailers today do not understand the potential liability they are incurring when disposing of technology assets. The laws surrounding retiring of electronics have changed dramatically in the past few years, especially with regard to data security and environmental issues. When selecting a disposal partner, retailers need to ask the right questions to understand exactly what protection they are receiving from their partner. Our technology asset disposal service is unique in that it acts as a “firewall” protecting our customer’s reputation and their officers from potential environmental and legal liability.”

Ultimate Technology can accept most technology assets for disposal including (but not limited to) products in the following categories: POS equipment and peripherals; telecommunications equipment; office equipment; and hazardous electronic equipment.

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