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INTERMEC CK30 Mobile Computer The Intermec? CK30 mobile data collection terminal continues the tradition of delivering on Intermec’s promise of rugged, reliable computing that will position your enterprise for the future with a combination of best-in-class features and functionality, such as thoughtful ergonomic design and integrated imaging options. With an unparalleled capability to perform legacy applications, the CK30 gives your enterprise investment insurance because it is the ideal bridge between the technologies you’re using today and what you will need tomorrow. The CK30 delivers the right blend of features and performance with the Microsoft? Windows? CE .NET operating system, designed to provide the optimum combination of real time operation, tools support and standard connectivity available today for battery driven, mobile data collection devices. The CE .NET operating system minimizes memory requirements, reduces complexity and allows the application developer to completely customize the user interface that is appropriate or desirable. CE .NET also supports mainstream application development tools for starting from scratch or upgrading existing applications. For client applications, the forward-looking .NET Compact Framework and Visual Studio .NET development tools will minimize any modifications between different .NET devices that might otherwise be required, including the Intermec? 700 Series Pocket PC mobile computer. Product Features: Highly configurable, offering terminal emulation, browser or custom client applications Based on industry standard platform Microsoft? Windows? CE .NET Color or mono display option Integrated Intermec scanning technologies Cisco? compatible 802.11b/g radio with Industry standard wireless security protocols Advanced ergonomic design for comfort and scan intensive applications For more product information and availability, please contact us. Product Download Material Intermec CK30 Specification Sheet




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