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INTERMEC CK3 Mobile Computer A broad range of data collection and communication features form the foundation for the Intermec CK3 mobile computer, enabling it to adapt to a variety of in-premise applications. The CK3 supports businesses in their pursuit to improve their operational performance metrics, simplify IT support and control operating costs. The CK3 packs a breadth of capabilities into a slim case, allowing users to easily and comfortably adapt to ever-changing data capture and communications needs, both today and in the future. With image capture, revolutionary imager-based scanning, optional RFID reader, speech and voice-all supported by 802.11a/b/g and Bluetooth? radio communication-enterprises can avoid the expense and complexity of deploying a series of single-purpose devices to meet a variety of data collection and communication needs. The CK3 embeds Intermec’s latest generation of imaging technology for outstanding scanning productivity and compliance to the most recent industry standards. Intermec imaging technology delivers fast 1D and 2D barcode scanning, unmatched performance on poor quality and damaged barcodes, and unmatched flexibility in scanning range. Product Features: Highly adaptable to meet ever-changing data capture and communication needs Built on a robust architecture required to successfully support in-premise applications Latest generation of imaging technology for outstanding scanning productivity Speech and voice functionality support today’s requirements for increased productivity Loaded with SmartSystems for automatic, remote device management RFID enabled via snap-on reader handle For more product information and availability, please contact us. Product Download Material Intermec CK3 Product Profile Intermec CK3 User Manual




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