Symbol SPT 1742 POS Data Collection Device

Find refurbished SPT1742 barcode scanners. Large inventory and competitive pricing. DataMax System Solutions offers Symbol Technologies point of sale bar code scanners and data collection devices including handheld, flatbed, bi-optic, bi-modal, omni directional, and price verifier models.

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MOTOROLA / SYMBOL POS DATA COLLECTION DEVICES Symbol SPT-1742 POS Data Collection Terminal Symbol Technologies offers a comprehensive range of technologies, products, partnerships and support necessary to provide integrated industry-specific data management systems. The building blocks in this process are Barcode laser scanning, hand-held computers and wireless LANs – the three essential elements needed to transform data into action. The Symbol SPT 1742 is also known as the Symbol SPT1742 and the Symbol SPT-1742 . For product detailed product specifications, please see the Symbol 1700 Series Product Specification sheet (in Adobe Acrobat format), please For product pricing and availability, please contact us. Symbol POS Data Collection Devices Symbol 7870 Bi-Optic Scanner and Scale Motorola / Symbol 7875 Bi-Optic AR Scanner and Scale Motorola / Symbol LDT-3805 Handheld Barcode Scanner Motorola / Symbol LS-2000MX Handheld Barcode Scanner Motorola / Symbol LS-3200 Handheld Laser Scanner Motorola / Symbol LS-4004i POS Barcode Scanner Motorola / Symbol LS-4004 POS Barcode Scanner Motorola / Symbol LS-4005 POS Barcode Scanner Motorola / Symbol LS 5700 and LS 5800 In-Counter & On-Counter Mini-Slot Scanner Motorola / Symbol LS-6005 Omni-Directional Scanner Symbol LS 6804/LS 6804VHD High-Speed Fixed-Mount Scanner Motorola / Symbol LS 9100 Omni-Directional Scanner Motorola / Symbol LRT-3800 Handheld Barcode Scanner Motorola / Symbol LRT-3840 Handheld Barcode Scanner Motorola / Symbol Magellan SL 360-Degree POS Scanner & Scale Motorola / Symbol MK1000 MicroKiosk Scanner Motorola / Symbol M2000 Cyclone Scanner Series Motorola / Symbol KS 3000 Heated Scanner Series Motorola / Symbol WSS 1040 Wearable Scanning System Motorola / Symbol WSS 1060 Wearable Scanning System These models are also available: PDT 8100 Series: PDT 8137, PDT 8140, PDT 8146 PDT 7200, PDT 7240, PDT 7246, PDT 7540 PPT Series: PPT 2637, PPT 2700, PPT 2740, PPT 2742, PPT 2800, PPT 2833, PPT 2837, PPT 2840, PPT 2846, PPT 1700, PPT 1742, PPT 1742, PPT 1746 MC Series: MC 9000, MC 9050, MC 9060, MC 3000 SPT Series: SPT 1700, SPT 1833, SPT 1846 VRC Series: VRC 6940, VRC 6942, VRC 7942, VRC 8946 WWC Series: WWC 1010, WWC 1049, WWC 1050 M Series: M 2007 P Series: P 300, P 302, P 304 WSS Series: WSS 1050




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