HHP 3800G Barcode Scanner

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HHP 3800G Engineered to have the perfect balance of efficiency, durability and connectivity, the Honeywell HHP 3800G is the ideal scanner for any application. Continuing in the legendary line of 3800 linear imagers, the new HHP 3800G was the first of its kind to have the Adaptus Imaging Technology brand. Driven by Adaptus 5.0, the HHP 3800G was made for unparalleled performance and clean, precise linear imaging. The programming and hardware of the HHP 3800G allows the device to execute scans quickly and accurately, even if the barcode has been smeared, wrinkled or has minor damage. The Honeywell 3800G is capable of handling a wide range of both low and high density codes to make scanning easier. Durability is another key aspect of the HHP 3800G, as the product comes with a 5-year warranty. So no matter your application, whether you are in a warehouse, department store, office or specialize in distribution or manufacturing, the 3800G will last through all of your uses. Honeywell has been the standard in image technology because they continue to improve upon their products, and the 3800G is no exception. The handheld reader has best-in-class quality and it is available from Datamax at an affordable rate. The all-purpose reader covers all of your consumer applications Light and portable design Construction-strength design and built-in bumpers Created for quick hand motions Varying interface options Scans at a rate of 270 per second Enhanced field depth for linear bar codes Size variation – from 1/2 inch to 18 inches Presentation scanning with Flex Neck Stand option Interface cable (USB) Compact (4.4″(l) x 3.1″(w) x 5.0″(h) Durable & lasting on 5′ concrete drops Software integration included GTIN compliant, GS1 DataBar capable Innovative and more direct aiming line Accessories (presentations, mounting solutions, power options, etc.) “Good read” notification settings Order the HHP 3800G from Datamax System Solutions right now online!




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